Married-nated with flavor
With a good marinade, your meat dishes will impress the pickiest of eaters. While it can be stressful when planning your recipes, here’s a fool proof guide to marinating your meat for delicious perfection. Oil that up Oils are essentials in marinades as this will marry all the flavors together and keep your meat juicy throughout the cooking process. You can pick any oil you desire or any sort of fats such as butter. Splash in some acid Acidic juices such as vinegar, lemon juice or yogurt will tenderize the meat. However, keep it mild as highly acidic marinades can tighten the protein bonds in the meat, making it tougher. Instead, add less or just splash it on 2 hours before cooking time to avoid chewy textures. Balance the salt The key to a good dish is balance; so keep your marinade to a balance of salty and sweet, such as a few dashes of soy sauce with a couple drops of honey. You can also experiment with Worcestershire sauce, mustard or fish sauce as a salty component and white or brown sugar as your sweetener. Sprinkle on the spice No marinade is complete without herbs and spices - you can experiment with seasonings such as rosemary, peppercorns, garlic, ginger, cumin, thyme and any spice in your pantry, but make sure everything is at an even amount to avoid flavors from overpowering each other. Want to know how to store those flavors in? Visit Smart Keeps to keep those juices flowing!