Love me, love my refrigerator

Do not fill up your refrigerator too full otherwise the air-circulation suffers and becomes inefficient. This means things cool slower, more energy is used and more money spent.

Put food in containers; keep the seals off (for 20 minutes), then seal off.

This rids the underside of the seal of condensation. Never put hot food in a refrigerator; this will increase condensation which may encourage mold on the food. (Instead, place hot food into a container; immerse the container partially in cold water for rapid cooling. When properly cooled, transfer to another container before putting it into the refrigerator).

Do not place food containers on the inside of the refrigerator door, where temperature varies greatly.

Do not keep the refrigerator doors open for too long.

Tupperware’s VentSmart collection is an ideal container set for organising and storing veggies, fruits and other fresh herbs in the refrigerator. Smartly designed vent controls on its lid and printed symbol instructions on its side help you ensure that veggies and fruits keep longer, fresher, crunchier and altogether more delicious.

Our Square Rounds make great containers for leftovers that need refrigeration. Powerfully airtight and liquid-proof, they keep your refrigerator insides safe from contamination and more organised too, thus allowing more circulation for more effective cooling. Remember – less food spoilage and faster cooling means saving money on grocery and energy bills. Saves more time from less shopping too.

And keep these safety rules about raw and cooked food – you’ll be glad you did. Simple smart tips to keep your kitchen and family healthy and happy.