Lock in the freshness of the frozen
Freezing food is the easiest way to preserve it, but the key to sealing in the freshness is your storage solution! Thus, to lock in your food with its quality, we introduce to you Tupperware FreezerMate® - a kitchen must-have where you can contain any goods from meat to fruits conveniently in your freezer! With it’s uniquely designed base, this prevents slipping and sliding of your goods while it’s rounded corners and recessed bottoms allow air circulation so that it freezes food faster, keeping them as fresh as can be. Plus, these handy containers fittingly come in different sizes for you to stack up in your freezer and keep the space organized. What’s even better is that, because it varies in size you can also easily portion out your food accordingly before freezing. Visit our Smart Tips for our five golden rules to follow when dealing with frozen foods!