Let’s meat up!
Here are some quick cuts on preparing meats.  Step 1:  Chill the meat – that’s right, putting the cut of meat in the fridge for 10 – 15 minutes makes it stiffer and easier for slicing.  Step 2:  Always defrost frozen meat in a container in the refrigerator. This avoids rapid loss of temperature and keeps the juices locked in. Use FreezerMate to freeze and defrost faster. With the FreezerMate, you can be assured that the goodness and taste of meat is sealed in until you thaw them out.  Tupperware FreezerMate. Click here to learn more >> Step 3: Zip goes the seasoning – Place meats into a large bowl and season with ingredients. Once thoroughly coated, place the meat and its seasonings into a zip plastic bag and place flat in the fridge. Give it the occasional shake and turn it over in the fridge after a while to ensure its all good. P.S. You might want to check out our cool Tupperware Season Serve, which takes marinating to a whole new level. Tupperware Season Serve. Click here to learn more >>