Hot tips to keep things cold
Giving food the cold shoulder. 
  • Always set freezer temperature at 0°c or below. 
  • Store fish, meats and poultry in the coldest part of the refrigerator or freezer. 
  • Ground meat of any type must be placed in the refrigerator and freezer immediately upon arriving home. 
  • A full freezer is more energy-efficient than a partially-full one. 
  • Organise the freezer items well to allow proper airflow within the compartment. 
Perfect for freezing and defrosting

Tupperware’s FreezerMates sets were made for freezing fresh, raw and cooked food. Its water-tight, airtight features make them ideal freezer containers for your soups, stock and cooked food. FreezerMates help keep your frozen food safe and separate so you can thaw in the refrigerator safely.