Hello from the Fresher Side
Weekly trips down to the supermarket are essential in replenishing our fridge with the freshest ingredients for the upcoming weeks’ menu. Equally important is knowing how to store them right to lock in that freshness as when you first bought from the store. Knowing the right tricks can not only keep your food fresh, but also saves you money by prolonging your foods shelf life (or may we say in this case, fridge life). Remember these 4 easy steps and your food will be on its way to fresh haven! 1. Think before you open. Yes, take a pause before you reach for that handle and stare aimlessly into your fridge. There are some yummy treasures in there but opening your fridge door for a long time will cause the temperature to rise, making your food spoil faster. 2. One size doesn’t fit all Fruits, vegetables, leftovers and meats – they all come in different shapes and sizes. So should the containers they’re kept in. Keeping food in containers according to quantity and size helps keep your fridge organized, and an organized fridge means less time wasted on rummaging and a well-maintained temperature. 3. Let it cool Cool down your food before storing them in the fridge. This prevents mould and bacteria from growing and also helps maintain your fridge temperature by preventing hot air from being inside. 4. Love your shelves Knowing where to put your food will help you prolong your food’s shelf life. Top shelves have a more consistent temperature, while the lower shelves are colder. Knowing this, it is best to keep leftovers and ready-to-eat foods at the top while the bottom shelves are more suitable for raw meats, egg, seafood and dairy. Knowing how to maximize your fridge’s abilities not only helps you prolong your food’s shelf life, but it also saves you from making trips to the supermarket which saves you time (and is also eco-friendly since you drive less). Once you’ve mastered the art of refrigeration with these cardinal rules, you will be on your way to fresher, longer-lasting food. Learn our secret to keeping foods fresh-tastic with the ultimate fridge partner, Fridge Fresh Set here!