Everyday Items, 3 Clever DIY Party Decors!
When the month of December comes around, it’s time to welcome in the holidays and parties galore as we bid goodbye to a year well spent. Here’s a quick and easy tip for the party hosts and hostesses out there: Make your own decors from everyday items to liven up the party! You’ll be surprised how these easy combinations can create creative decors that’ll make them the talk of the party. Cinnamon Sticks + Pillar Candle + String = A Beautiful Table Centerpiece Candles never fail to add a warm, festive touch to your parties.
  1. With a glue tube, stick cinnamon sticks all around a white pillar candle and finish off by tying on a piece of string.
  2. Light it up and let the waft of cinnamon fill the air.
Extra tip: For a more unique centerpiece, mix and match your candle sizes or use vanilla-scented ones.
Lollipop + Styrofoam Ball + Vase= Mini Lollipop Tree Your guests will love pulling out these lollipops. Place Styrofoam ball in vase and begin sticking lollipops around it till the entire ball is filled with pretty, sweet lollipops!
Balloons + Confetti= Glamorous Balloons Balloons are nice but confetti brings them to life! Pick the confetti of your choice and fill them into clear balloons with the help of a funnel. Blow them up and deck the walls.
We’ve got another tip up our sleeves to easy, fast cooking for parties!