Dried Foods Kept Right
You open your cabinet and what greets you is a messy sight. Your kitchen cabinet is filled with jars, bottles and packets of dried foods like corn, beans, sugar, flour, pasta, cereal, herbs and spices. Oh, the headache. You spend time searching for a spice or flour, only to find that it has expired or infested with weevils. What a waste! But, there’s a solution to prevent all this. With the right storage method, not only will you avoid wastage but also, have a neat and organized cabinet! Here’s how:
  1. Store it Cool, Store it Dry Having the right temperature prolongs your dried food lifespan. Warm places cuts down your food’s lifespan by a fraction of the time, hence it’s best to store in a cool, dry place where the temperature is constant. Frequent changes in temperature also shortens the lifespan of your food.
  2. No air, no air Nope, your dried foods don’t need air as oxygen causes oxidization. And since our environment is filled with oxygen, storing in an airtight container can help you a long way. On top of that, you can also throw in a couple of oxygen absorber packets to help do the job.
  3. Bottle, jar or container? What you keep your food in plays a big role in determining storage life. The best is to use airtight containers. Thus, it can be a jar, bottle or plastic container, so as long as it is airtight. A cool tip would be to use the same type of containers and one that has clear windows. This allows you to stack your containers, saving space and lets you know the content without having to open and allow air in.
So remember these three simple tips on how to store your dried foods and you will have lesser wastage and more storage space.