Clever shopping, cleverer handling!
Make your grocery-shopping stop the last stop in your route. This way, you get to keep only the freshest foods at home.
Shop for refrigerated or frozen foods last.
Season your meats at refrigerator temperature, not at room temperature. Find out more about Tupperware Season Serve.
Always thaw frozen food in the refrigerator, not in room temperature on the kitchen tabletop; this keeps the food safe from early spoilage. If you’re defrosting by microwave oven, cook the item immediately. Find out more about Tupperware FreezerMate
Always wash hand with a mild soap before preparing food and especially after handling raw meats. Do not let raw meat juices touch cooked food dishes, either in the refrigerator or when preparing foods.
Don’t use the same plate and utensils that touched raw meat to be used on cooked food; dishes and utensils that have held raw meat always need to be washed before using it again.
Wash all surfaces that have come in contact with raw meat; kitchen tops, cutting boards and any other surface.