Chop your preparation time in half
Time is precious, which is why we’ve got a kitchen must-have that will cut your meal prep time in half and also make cooking a little more effortless. Introducing Tupperware’s Turbo Chopper, an innovative solution for all your slicing, dicing and blending needs. In just a single pull, its 3 sharp blades equate 288 knifecuts in less than 15 seconds! Easy to use and compact enough to squeeze in your cabinets, the user-friendly features of the Turbo Chopper make it the ultimate helper in the kitchen. With no electricity required, you can finely slice garlic and onions or even puree fruit and vegetables in just a few pulls of the convenient cord. The trick to the Turbo Chopper is, the more you pull the cord, the finer your ingredients will be minced and the lesser times you pull, the bigger and chunkier your blend will be. How easy does that sound? Get started and check out our smart tips for frozen fruity treats you can chop up using your Turbo Chopper!