Baking Shortcuts You’ll Love
Time is of the essence when you have tons of baking to do. Today we’ll be sharing some of our all-time favourite baking hacks - just in time for your Chinese New Year baking spree. Now you can whip up more batches of your holiday treats quicker with less mess.
  1. Soften butter quick and easy Now you don’t have to wait for your butter to soften. You can always:
    • Chop the butter into little chunks Smaller cubes will soften quicker than the whole stick
    • Pound the butter Place butter into Ziploc back and flatten it with a rolling pin or meat pounder.This helps soften butter while keeping it cool. Leave it on the counter for a few more minutes and you’re good to go.
    • Set butter over a warm water bath Pour boiling hot water into a saucepan or double boiler and place a metal bowl inside. Place butter in the warm bath to soften but do keep an eye out so it doesn’t start to melt.
  2. Oil up your measuring cups Rinse measuring cups with hot water and coat lightly with cooking spray. That way, you can pour out wet ingredients such as oils, molasses, syrups and peanut butter clean with minimal mess.
  3. Line your trays Use a parchment paper to line your trays to remove baked goodies from tray easily and for quick cleaning. These parchment papers can be reused for a few rounds of baking if you’re baking a few patches in one go.
  4. Wrap, roll and cut dough for even-shaped cookies Tired of shaping cookies one by one? Roll up cookie dough onto a sheet of parchment and then carefully roll it into a log. Refrigerate till firm then cut evenly. Place on tray and bake.
We hope these small tips can help you in big ways. Head over here to read our latest keep tip for the festivity.