Success Stories

“Experience growth and success with Tupperware Brands”
Vincent Siew, 5SD

I grew up in a large family of eight in a tiny rental HDB flat built in the early sixties. I never dreamt that Tupperware Brands would change my life! It started when Dorris my very dynamic and inspirational mentor in my real estate business showed me the opportunity in April 2017. Moreover, I was attracted to the premium grade innovative products.

Since joining, I’ve found that it gives both men and women the opportunity to grow in confidence and become successful. I have experienced it myself.

I have worked in a factory for nearly 30 years before being retrenched and joined the real estate industry. I am reasonably successful but there are only so few property transactions a year. I personally like to have more frequent activities and interactions with more people.

In Tupperware Brands as long as we focus on our goals and work hard, coupled with the great support from our leaders and management, we will succeed.  I am proud to say I have ranked up to 5SD in less than one year. I’ve gained invaluable confidence and I believe we all have great potential. I believe that we need to persevere and overcome obstacles to fight for our dreams, continuously improve and help and develop DIQ every month to get what they want and we’ll be able get to the top.

Growing up was tough. My father raised my brother and I on his own, as my mother passed away when I was only 10 years old. By the age of 13, I went door to door selling story books to support my own studies, as well as my brother’s school fees.

As an adult, I worked as a real estate agent, but when the industry came up with many rulings that made the job increasingly difficult and tiring, I started looking for alternatives. When I saw the success story of Yvonne and Stephen on a Tupperware Brands catalogue, I reached out to them and found out all about the business, and how they achieved their goals. That’s when I knew I‘ve found what I’ve been looking for! This is a business that can bring me regular passive income, allow me to make more friends, and spend more quality time with family and friends. It’ll help me achieve my goal of providing a better life for my father, and my son, too. I joined Tupperware Brands and never looked back. Thanks to the support of my husband Andy, and my team, as well as my upline and family members, I achieved AED rank in just 3 months. It’s a rewarding career and a dream come true!

“Indeed a dream come true!”
Dorris Tan & Andy Teng, AED