preparation 30 min
cook time
cook time 15 min
servings 4 pax
course Snack
cuisine western
difficulty -



  1. Peel and thinly slice sweet potato with Speedy Mando.

  2. Heat oil in a pan and fry sweet potato till golden brown, remove from oil and drain.

  3. Next, heat oil again and stir fry blended ingredients till fragrant.

  4. Add in sugar, salt and tamarind juice.

  5. Stir well and simmer until thickened. Allow to cool.

  6. Mix in fried sweet potato chips and stir until well combined.

  7. Leave to cool complete, then transfer to a One Touch canister.

  8. To keep your chips crispy, mix sweet potato with the sambal only after sambal is completely cooled.


  • 2 kg sweet potato
  • 300 g granulated sugar
  • 1 cup tamarind juice to taste
  • Oil for frying
  • Salt to taste
  • 5 tbsp chilli Boh
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • 3 red onions

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