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A Pioneer In Innovative Solutions

Tupperware has grown into a trusted and respected global entity. Established over 60 years ago, its presence has made a significant difference in the lives and homes of millions the world over. In 2005, Tupperware Corporation changed its name to Tupperware Brands Corporation to reflect its increasing product diversity, in-line with its corporate strategy to add premium consumable items to the product category mix.

Today, Tupperware Brands continues to break new grounds as a multi-brand, multi-category, direct sales conglomerate with an attractive and rewarding business opportunity. It strives to make a difference in the lives of women in the communities in which it operates, by offering them the opportunity to better their lives and create a positive impact on their families.

Party With The Founders Of Fresh

The history of Tupperware dates back to 1937 when chemist and inventor Earl Silas Tupper worked in DuPont’s Chemical plant, experimenting with plastic. He developed a way to purify petroleum based by-product into substance that was flexible, tough, non-porous, non greasy, odourless and translucent.

In the late 1940s, a woman named Brownie Wise, a single mother with no formal sales training, began selling Tupperware products through home parties with huge success.

Since then Tupperware Parties became a cultural phenomenon. The home party plan remains the core of our business, providing customer better services and offering individual with exciting experience and attractive business opportunity.

Earl Tupper, the original founder of Tupperware


Inspire women to cultivate the confidence they need to enrich their lives, nourish their families, and fuel communities around the world.


Ignite a global community to realize their best selves through opportunity, enrichment, celebration, and above all else, uplifting relationships.

Our Philosophy, Our Heritage, Our Brand

In the course of Tupperware history, there have been many factors that have come together to contribute to the name becoming a successful global brand. One factor that stands out among the rest, however, is design. It is the Tupperware design that has, and continues to inspire people and win their life-long loyalty. But the testimony to Tupperware usage is best found in the millions of homes worldwide. Responding to the philosophy of finding the ultimate use of space and function, Tupperware has brought order to the modern home and kitchen by introducing a delightful range of storage systems and utensils.

Global Design Centres

Design efforts start with a keen understanding of customers’ lives and how they interact in their homes. Key finding are annually filtered through worldwide global design centres in Orlando, Florida USA and Aalst in Belgium before Tupperware innovates with new ideas and applications. From the new innovations come features like virtually air-tight and liquid-tight storage, non-drip pour, collapsible storage, microwave friendly vents and fast freezing. Patents and trademarks are result of these breakthrough designs in Tupperware products.

Award Winning Designs

Over the yeas, Tupperware has won prestigious worldwide awards and recognition, including numerous Industrial Design Excellence Awards, Reddot Awards, IF Seal awards and Good Design Awards on an annual basis. The winning Tupperware designs are recognise as products that simplify steps, modernise cooking, reduce wastage, organise, improve and maximise storage. Tupperware is listed as one of the greatest inventions of the 20th Century by the Guinness Book of World Records and was also named one of the six most extraordinary designed products of the century by Fortune magazine.

Designed for a Lifetime

Tupperware products are durable and guaranteed against chipping, cracking or peeling under normal non-commercial use. Therefore, buying with confidence is assured as Tupperware can be used for a lifetime.